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Georgia report, part IV: Gothic Georgia

I knew from the moment I sat in the taxi that took us from the airport to the town centre of Tbilisi that the Marquis de Sade would be my personal patron saint for the trip to Georgia. The signs were all there.

Two nights before I left for Georgia, I had watched Pasolini’s 120 Days of Sodom, based on de Sade’s novel of the same name:

(I had to link to the German trailer, because the international trailer is utterly tame. Warning: disturbing content, underage-looking nudity [“Pasolinsche Lustknaben”] and 1970s artsiness.)

Once in Georgia and in the taxi, the driver turned on the radio, and we were immediately treated to Georgian chants, thusly:

“Sade, dit moi,” indeed.

I hadn't heard this song since the early 1990s. de Sade was thus firmly established as my constant companion for this journey. I was proved right when, about ten days later, one of our travelling companions (a non-imaginary, corporeal one) gave the following answer to the question whether he was comfortable: “I am, in a Marquis de Sade way.”

Just like everything's got a moral, if only you can find it, everything’s also got a twist, if only you can spin it.

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Nepal travel report, part V

I had previously decided that I had milked this holiday long enough and that I would not make any more Nepal posts but rather return to the usual business of posting random ramblings every now and then. However, friends of mine who abhor cats (Yes, I know. But apart from that they are really lovely people.) told me that, after I had been announcing them for weeks and weeks, it was about time I posted those cat pics already. They were really keen on seeing them.

Such is the power of the kitten.

Seeing as everyone who knows anything about anything knows that kittens are among the four most happiness-inducing things on earth, they have to be complemented with other happy things.

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