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Where I left off last time, everything and everyone was being cold and miserable. However, neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit can stay us truly dedicated tourists from visiting three to four temples, monasteries, tombs and palaces per day and photographing the life out of them. (Actually, we stopped visiting, let alone photographing, temples after we were about halfway through with Vietnam. Axel and I agreed that you can show pictures of the same temple or altar over and over again to your loved ones back home – perhaps taken from a different angle – and claim that they're different ones. They all look the same anyway.)


Enter the Viet Nam (46 Pictures) )
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After all the excitements of Hanoi, Volker ditched us to go kite surfing in Cambodia. Which is quite possibly the single manliest activity I've ever typed out.

Axel and I went on a trip to Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is as beautiful as it is swamped with tourists.

Ha Long Bay

Wet and slippery things behind the cut )
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*I originally wanted to write: “penniless in Hanoi”, but, well, the Vietnamese currency is called Dong after all, and it sure opens the floodgates for many more punes-or-plays-on-words.
*is Cracked reader*

So, Vietnam. After a 10-hour non-stop flight spent in the last row with no windows, we arrived in Hanoi at half past seven in the morning, on Saturday, December 29 (this will become important). It being half past seven in the morning, we had to wait till out hotel rooms were ready, as the previous guests had selfishly not checked out yet. And so we decided to pick up some local money and go for a coffee.

Literature Temple

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