Aug. 28th, 2011

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I'm back from the Caucasus! It was so much fun. Everyone should go and visit Georgia, it's lovely.

There'll be pictures (mostly of mountains and pigs) soon. But for now, have a song* that Says It All:

Just in case there is any doubt: I know it's not the same one.
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Georgia travel report, part I: Romantic Georgia

Let me begin my Georgian report by telling you about the skills that I don't have.

The skills that I don't have are speaking Russian and riding horses.

In Georgia, I was speaking Russian for two weeks, and I rode horses for two days. My first riding lesson consisted of some guy pushing me up a horse (I carried my trekking backpack at the time) and telling me: “If it's too fast, pull in the reigns.”

And then I rode.

Picture 546

The above is not a picture of my first riding lesson. My first riding lesson was much more extraordinary than that.

It took place on a muddy rural road, somewhere in the Svanetian forest (at that point, we had no idea where we were), and the guy whose horse it was had literally just appeared in our lives half an hour previously.

But wait. It gets genuinely romantic. )


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