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It's never been my intention to provide a blow-by-blow account of our route; however, this map might help you to picture my Nepal ordeal adventure.

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We drove out to Jiri (1935m). From there we walked to Shivalaya (1800m), then Bhandar(2200m), Sete (2580m), Junbesi (2600m), Nunthala (2330m), Bupsa (2360m), Surke (2290m), Bengkar (2610m), and finally arrived in Namche Bazaar (3440m), where we stayed for two days to allow our bodies to acclimatise to the altitude.

Don't let the reasonable and moderate-sounding elevation levels fool you. It was ~1000m up and ~1000m down every. Single. Day.

From Namche Bazaar, it was just a stroll to Dole (4000m), Machermo/Panga (4500m), and finally Gokyo (4800m).

On our way back, we made the trek Gokyo - Khumjung (3753m) in one day; on the next day, we had lunch in Namche Bazaar and walked down to Phakding (2623m). Then, off to Lukla, from where we took the plane back to Kathmandu.

The trek lasted 15 days in total. The remaining days were spent in Kathmandu (hot showers & Internet!).


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