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Bullet-point update, cause time is ticking and I'm paying by the minute.

- Kathmandu is a dump. You'd think I'm used to smog and dirt, what with living where I do, but Kathmandu really takes the cake. Ah well, at least the air in the mountains is fresh and clean.

- Mountains, though. Are high. Like, really high.

- Climbing done so far: thousands of metres up, thousands of metres down, some 100+ km in total. For seven days, if I'm not mistaken. But who's counting?

- It's surprisingly fun. I don't even suffer from sore muscles (nor from any other ailment commonly associated with travels to Asia, thankyouverymuch). My leg muscles feel like something out of an anatomy book looks like. Shame winter is approaching. Had it been summer back home, I'd be wearing mini skirts all the time. (*appropriate icon is appropriate*)

- After seven days of low-level (haha!) trekking, we've now reached Namche Bazaar, where we're staying today and tomorrow for altitude acclimatisation purposes. Also, shopping. Also: INTERNET!

- I've written and sent off almost all postcards that I intended to write and send off. Let's see how long they take to reach their respective destinations.

- The mountains are beautiful, and I've even taken a reasonably high amount of pictures. I'll upload them when I'm back home. Some of them are pretty.

- R. and I collected an Australian (*winks at [profile] babycakesin*) (I've brazenly told him I was hoping to meet an Australian on this tour, as they are always good value.) (Verehrteste, wenn Sie jetzt nicht die bewusste Coupling-Folge "lesen", dann weiss ich auch nicht.) and a Canadian on our way through the mountains and have been travelling with them for the past few days. Moreover, we are accompanied by two local porters/guides. The guys are a) fun and b) protecting us from all dangers that might befall two delicate, helpless females in the wilderness of Nepal.

- Dick Darlington FTW! < / obscure reference >

- The highest point reached as yet was the Lamjura pass (3600m above sea level), where we had lunch (very delicious Dhal Bhat) at a local woman's hut. There were also kittens. There will be pictures! (KITTENS!)

- @ [personal profile] ihlanya: A couple of days ago, we encountered a weasel that was writhing on the ground in agony - it had either had something wrong with its spine, or (the Australian's theory, surprisingly!) had been bitten by a spider. I put it out of its misery with a rock. I'm such an outdoor-compatible murderer adventuress!

- Yesterday, we saw an elderly (and drunk) Nepali woman fall to the ground, to the great and giggly amusement of the locals (the kindhearted type, obvsly). I wasted one of our two pairs of medical plastic gloves wiping off blood and snot off her face. I'm such an outdoor-compatible adventuress (intrepid)!

- The trekking days are very short, and we've been spending our afternoons and evenings sitting around in the common room of the lodge of the day until bedtime - i.e. eight - half past eight. Seriously, the Nepalese are mental. The latest I've gone to bed was half past nine, and that was pushing the curfew considerably.

- There's a variety of local booze made from wolf meat (or so we've been told, but I don't entirely trust the source). I'd love to sample it, but apparently, it's hard to come by.

That's it for now. I'll be having Internet access tomorrow, but then I'm off into the wilderness once again. See y'all on the other side!

Date: 2010-10-18 03:58 pm (UTC)
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Hee! That sounds awesome, and you sound like you're having fun. \o/


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